Design Process

We Design Modern Houses In Eugene Oregon That Locals Love!

Designing Homes In Eugene Oregon That Locals Depend On!

The creative and professional team at custom home builders Eugene Oregon translate your plans for an ideal home and turn it into reality. But before collaborating with us, you must ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Why do I want to build my dream home? 
  • What do I want it to look like?
  • What’s my ideal budget?
  • Do I want to keep it contemporary or traditional? 
  • Do I prefer a minimalistic style or a more vibrant look? 
  • How quickly do I want to construct my home? 

These questions would set the basis for what you want your home to look like. Everyone knows about their personality, and hence answering these queries won’t be challenging. 

Once you know the answers to these basic questions, you can convey them to our  professional architects Eugene Oregon, sit back and watch them do the work for you. 

Even if you have a rough draft of what you want, we help you organize your thoughts and give the necessary suggestions to make it work.

Process of Designing and Building a Home

The Best Design Firm Eugene OR That Locals Trust!

We value your money, and budget is perhaps the first thing we discuss before building your home. The basic budget includes the designing and engineering fee, cost of land, home construction process, interior decoration and furnishing price, and landscaping expense. 

Once you share your realistic budget goals, we proceed with the design process. 

For that purpose, we consider the size of the family and the number of rooms you’d want us to build. If you have less space and want to accommodate more family members, don’t fret. Our architects know how to utilize small spaces and maximize their usage. 

However, you must share your wants, needs, dreams, and “don’t wants” with us. This helps us go big on ideas and design the map of your ideal home. 

After designing the map, we share the model with you before proceeding.  

We consider all aspects of the building and the site, including: 

  • Site features
  • Orientation
  • Floor plan
  • Thermal performance
  • Technologies 
  • Appliances
  • Landscaping
  • Materials 

We guarantee a smoother construction process and premium services to help you build the home you always dreamt of. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced team knows how to design sustainable homes and make them energy efficient and comfortable. 

Typically, general contractors Eugene Oregon give limited suggestions; they only recommend what they’ve been paid for. Alternatively, we advise our clients throughout the design process to ensure the best possible and satisfactory results. 

Before constructing your home, our highly skilled staff also considers factors like the prevailing seasonal winds, bushfire risks, storm water drainage systems, and local climate. 

Simply put, home designing isn’t restricted to the quality material used inside and outside the home.

Instead, we aim to build classic homes in Eugene Oregon that stands the test of time. Even more, we work to cover all the interior design details, including plumbing, lighting, glass, hardware, finishes, and more. 

Though we share the initial design with the homeowners, our team constantly communicates with you to conclude what works best and what could be changed for the better. 

All in all, custom home builders Eugene Oregon build your visions with perfection. We use advanced construction materials to build and renovate homes for a better tomorrow!